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Gaugemaster Key Features


Whether producing aerospace components or one-off prototypes, Gaugemaster believes we can provide a complete precision engineering service.

With over fifty years in the aerospace tooling sector we can offer:

- Complete service at every stage from design to manufacture.

- EDM Wirecut machining - offering the ability to machine any material.

- Jigs, fixtures and gauge tooling specialists - offering aerospace professionals with decades of experience and a real depth of knowledge.

- A fully specified precision engineering quality assurance package tailored to your exact needs with three tiers of options.

- Additional services - including capillary drill capabilities, batch and one-off aerospace components production and CNC machining.


Jigs, Fixtures and Gauge Tooling and Capillary Drill, EDM Wirecut Services


At the heart of Britain’s transport network, Gaugemaster’s West Midlands based site has the features you need not just to secure an on budget job with an excellent finish, but professionals you can trust and a quality assurance system which maintains our aerospace tooling equipment to the height of its functionality and checks each of your units with care and dedication.

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